Interpretation of dreams among the Yao

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Interpretation of dreams among the Yao

The Yao have a complex system of dream interpretation, which, like other neighboring peoples, they divide into auspicious and unfortunate.

For them, to dream of the sun setting behind a hill announced a calamity upon the parents.

To dream of wind and rain is a sign of approaching disaster.

To dream of falling in love with a woman is also a sign of coming disaster.

To dream that one sings announces that one will argue with one’s neighbors.

To dream that one eats meat announces the arrival of an illness.

To dream that one is eating announces a year full of difficulties.

There are several dreams that announce the loss of wealth or economic disaster, one of them is to dream that one goes to the bathroom, another is to dream of a snake, and another is to dream of stones rolling down the side of a mountain.

To dream of one’s house burning down heralds riches, as does to dream of killing a snake.

To dream of one’s parents is a sign that rains are coming.

To dream of one’s own death and that of loved ones foretells longevity for the protagonists of the dream.

If one dreams that one cries, it is nothing more than the announcement of coming happiness.

Based on: Liu Wenying.- An Oriental Interpretation of Dreams. China Social Sciences Publishing House. 1996

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