Yunnan Top 10- The places that every traveler must visit

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Yunnan Top 10- The places that every traveler must visit

  1. Lugu Lake. Scenery.

Lugu Lake is the most beautiful lake in Yunnan. Located at an altitude of 3,000 meters, its ever-blue waters provide incredibly beautiful scenery. In the vicinity of the lake live three very interesting minorities. The Moso, known as the last matriarchy, the Pumi, the people of the mother tigress, and the Yi, with a sophisticated culture.

  1. Xishuangbanna. Dai villages and temples.

Xishuangbanna prefecture is not an easy trip. The most famous places are crowded, but the entire prefecture is dotted with Dai villages, the Hani-Akha with their magnificent headdresses, the Lahu, Yao, Jino, etc. A place to enjoy at leisure.

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    1. Stone Forest and Sani villages.

    Although visited every day by thousands of tourists, it is one of the wonders of nature that should not be missed. With a little patience, the traveler will find corners where he can enjoy the landscape in solitude. And the perfect complement: the villages of the charismatic Sani minority.

    1. Shangrilá. Songzanlin Monastery

    Recently rebuilt in all its splendor, Songzanlin Monastery is now one of the most beautiful temples of Tibetan Buddhism. The ancient city, the Tibetan villages that open out of the city, and the numerous national parks, complement a unique trip.

    1. Lijiang. Ancient city, villages of the Naxi minority.

    Lijiang was the jewel of Yunnan. We have relegated it to this inconspicuous position because it is always crowded. A lot of people. But no one should fear, as soon as the traveler moves a little away from the most touristy streets, surprises appear, and on the outskirts, the Baisha village is a must-see.

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      1. Dali. Ancient city. Villages of the Bai minority.

      The cultural and human exuberance that emerged in the beautiful valley where the city of Dali is located can keep a traveler busy for weeks or months, because certainly, each village is a world, whether it is located on the shore of the lake or the mountain, and its people, one of the friendliest in Yunnan.

      1. Weishan. Ancient city and Taoist mountain

      It was the first capital of the ancient Kingdom of Nanzhao, the first major political entity in Yunnan, which flourished from the seventh century to the tenth century. A quiet city, with few tourists and many monuments, and on the outskirts the Taoist mountain Weibaoshan.

      1. Jianshui. Old quarter, Tuanshan.

      While tourism has rushed to visit northwestern Yunnan, the rest of the province is much quieter. With an ancient history and cultural importance similar to Dali or Lijiang, Jianshui is a barely visited diamond in the rough. Nearby you should make an excursion to Tuanshan or Zhengying village (already in Shiping).

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        1. Shaxi. Ancient square, Shibaoshan mountain.

        Shaxi is the city where time seems to stop, and certainly, its Sideng square presents ancient buildings with a harmony that is unparalleled. Many travelers spend hours in the square, and some businessmen from the coastal area have abandoned their businesses to spend their entire lives in Shaxi. Shibaoshan Mountain is a must-see.

        1. Yuanyang. Rice terraces and minority villages.

        In China there are three great engineering works that have forever transformed the country’s landscape. The Great Wall, the Grand Canal, and the Yuanyang Terraces. While the first two were built by the emperors, the terraces are the work of the people. Of the Hani minority living in their villages. Beware, it is a marvel, but its visit is difficult. There are fogs at any time of the year, it can be cold when you least expect it, and when they are most beautiful, it is from October to May.

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