The snake in the Chinese horoscope

The snake in the Chinese horoscope

The snake is an ambiguous animal in the collective image of the Chinese people. On the one hand, it is considered similar to the dragon. Many Chinese authors recognize that the dragon, nonexistent, is nothing more than the sublimation of a snake. Despite this, the snake has rarely conquered the hearts of the people. On the contrary, no one can forget that the snake is a dangerous animal, which with its bite can cause death, and popular mythology is full of exaggerations and fantasies about the evil snakes, capable, moreover, to transform into people.

In the Yangtze River basin there is a certain snake cult, as it is believed that domestic snakes bring fortune. And so there are temples to the Snake God, and even a festival in his honor: April 12, in the vicinity of Suzhou. On other dates in nearby cities in Jiangsu province. Similar cults are found in Fujian province, where snakes found in houses are considered messengers of the ancestors.

Since in China we are governed by the lunar calendar, and in the West by the solar calendar, the beginning and end of each year do not coincide exactly. Therefore, before knowing what the Chinese horoscope says about your sign, make sure that you were indeed born under the sign of the Snake, as are the people born on the dates included in the table on the left.

4-2-1905 to 24-1-1906 Timber

23-1-1917 to 10-2-1918 Fire

10-2-1929 to 29-1-1930 Earth

27-1-1941 to 14-2-1942 Metal

14-2-1953 to 2-2-1954 Water

2-2-1965 to 20-1-1966 Wood

18-2-1977 to 6-2-1978 Fire

6-2-1989 to 26-1-1990 Earth

To complete your cosmic profile it is necessary to know the influence of the Five Elements on your life. Check in the table above the element to which you belong. The hour of birth also has a great influence on a person’s character. It is generally considered that those born during the hour si (from 9 to 11 a.m.) acquire some qualities of the snake, and tend to be shyer than those born at other times.

People born under the sign of the snake tend to have enigmatic air. Elegant, and with a strong personality, they often succeed in their careers, as they do not disdain danger, and are able, at the same time, to carefully calculate the risks of each action. Convinced of their own arguments, they rarely listen to the opinions of others and find it difficult to accept leadership other than their own. Seductive, they do not like to lead routine lives.

They live in harmony with: Ox, Rooster, and Dragon.

Conflicts arise with: Tiger, horse, and monkey.

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