The Rooster in the Chinese horoscope

The Rooster in the Chinese horoscope

In Chinese culture, as in many others, the rooster is closely associated with the sun. In some myths it is only in charge of calling the sun to rise every morning, a task in which other animals have failed, in others the rooster is an animal of trust for the sun, which only rises every day thanks to the commitment made by the rooster that men will respect him. Because of its relationship with the sun, it is the essence of yang.

This role makes him at the same time n an animal of trust, someone who can move from one reality to another so it is the simplest and most frequent sacrifice. It participates therefore in the most tragic role, in numerous rites and festivities throughout China. Its corpse sometimes replaces the sick person or is used for divination. And even in some regions, they symbolically replace the bride and groom at the wedding.

The rooster is the only bird among the animals of the zodiac and therefore represents the phoenix.

The rooster also accompanies coffins during burials, as it can call the soul to its rightful place.

In southern China they are very fond of cockfighting, and in older times such fights were quite popular throughout the empire, sometimes even among imperial circles.

Since in China we are governed by the lunar calendar, and in the West by the solar calendar, the beginning and end of each year do not coincide exactly. Therefore, before knowing what the Chinese horoscope says about your sign, make sure that you were indeed born under the sign of the Rooster, as are the people born on the dates included in the table on the left.

22- Jan -1909 to 9- Feb -1910 Earth

8- Feb -1921 to 27- Jan -1922 Metal

26- Jan -1933 to 13- Feb.1934 Water

13- Feb -1945 to 1- Jan -1946 Wood

31- Jan -1957 to 17- Feb -1958 Fire

17- Feb -1969 to 5- Feb -1970 Earth

5- Feb -1981 to 24- Jan -1982 Metal

23- Jan -1993 to 9- Feb -1994 Water

8- Feb -2005 to 28- Jan-2006 Wood   

28- Jan 2017 to 15- Feb 2018 Fire

To complete your cosmic profile it is necessary to know the influence of the Five Elements on your life. Check in the table above the element to which you belong. The time of birth also has a great influence on the character of the person. It is generally considered that those born during the you hour (from 5 to 7 pm) acquire some qualities of the rooster, and tend to be more confident than those born at other times.

People born under the sign of the Rooster are responsible, hard-working and resourceful. Presumptuous, they immediately attract the attention of others. They are quite capable of solving problems and do not fail to show it whenever they have the opportunity. This provokes mixed feelings among those around them. However, their work skills and their organizational ability make it easy to forget their small defects.

They live in harmony with: Snake, Ox, Dragon.

Conflicts arise with: other Roosters, Rats, Rabbits and sometimes Dogs.


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