The Monkey in the Chinese Horoscope

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The Monkey in the Chinese Horoscope

 In the Chinese culture the monkey has a role similar to the one that Darwin gives him in the evolutionary scale. As man’s younger brother, he participates in many of his qualities, in addition, in many occasions he enjoys the capacity to transform himself into man. This ability is used to serve or deceive the men themselves, or even to abduct beautiful women he manages to surprise.

The Tibetans in particular have a myth that says that they themselves originated from the mating of a monkey and an ogress. In some of the minorities of southern China there are also myths in which primordial humans mate with monkeys giving rise to different ancient clans. That identification in some Qiang myths, related to the Tibetans, is such that the first humans are nothing more than monkeys whose hair has fallen out.

The monkey is generally considered auspicious, as shown by the monkey protagonist of the famous novel «Journey to the West,» who continually helps the Tang monk in search of Buddhist scriptures. And there are numerous temples in his honor.

Since in China we are governed by the lunar calendar, and in the West by the solar calendar, the beginning and end of each year does not coincide exactly. Therefore, before knowing what the Chinese horoscope says about your sign, make sure that you were indeed born under the sign of the Monkey, as are the people born on the dates included in the table on the left.

2- Feb -1908 to 21- Jan -1909 Earth

20- Feb -1920 to 7- Feb -1921 Metal

6- Feb -1932 to 25-1-1933 Water

25- Jan -1944 to 12- Feb -1945 Wood

12- Feb -1956 to 30- Jan -1957 Fire

30- Jan -1968 to 16- Feb -1969 Earth

16- Feb -1980 to 4- Feb -1981 Metal

4- Feb -1992 to 22- Jan -1993 Water

22- Jan 2004 to 8- Feb 2005 Wood

8- Feb 2016 to 27- Jan – 2017 Fire

To complete your cosmic profile it is necessary to know the influence of the Five Elements on your life. Check in the table above the element to which you belong. The time of birth also has great influence on the character of the person. It is generally considered that those born during the shen hour (from 3 to 5 pm) acquire some qualities of the monkey, and tend to be more active than those born at other times.

People born under the sign of the monkey are usually ambitious, ingenious, active and even arrogant. Optimistic, they rarely get depressed in the face of failure, as they are capable of starting a new activity with great ease. In general they achieve economic success, as they are able to make the most of every activity in their lives. They are always in a good mood, however they are unable to put an end to the mistrust that their actions provoke among others.

They live in harmony with: Rat, Dragon.

Conflicts arise with: Snake, tiger.

Image: Monkey, Hashimoto_Kansetsu

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