The goat in the Chinese horoscope

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The Goat in the Chinese horoscope

The goat and the sheep are confused in the symbolism of Chinese culture, as both are written with the Yang character 羊, specifying that the sheep gives wool (绵羊) and the goat lives in the mountain (山羊), in general, both have an auspicious character. In fact, the sheep was the animal most commonly used in sacrifices, in which it was supposed to be able to bring bliss to men. The sheep symbolizes virtue, good manners, and gentleness. It also symbolizes good luck and is appropriate to offer as a gift.

The sheep character is part of other characters generally related to positive qualities, such as mei 美, beautiful, shan 善, good, xian 鲜, fresh, and others.

In some places there are feasts in honor of sheep, but generally, their position is as that of an animal to be slaughtered.

Sheep play a very important role among the Pumi minority, who sacrifice one when a person dies, to serve as a guide for his soul on the way to the land of the ancestors. The Bai minority also has the custom of offering sacrifices to the spirit of sheep on the 23rd day of the sixth month. In some areas of central China, the fourth day of the first month is considered to be the birthday of the king of sheep, and each family takes special care of their animals on that day.

Since in China we follow the lunar calendar, and in the West, we follow the solar calendar, the beginning and end of each year do not coincide exactly. Therefore, before knowing what the Chinese horoscope says about your sign, make sure that you were indeed born under the sign of the Sheep, as are the people born on the dates included in the table on the left.

13- Feb -1907 to 1- Feb -1908 Fire

1- Feb -1919 to 19- Feb -1920 Earth

17- Feb -1931 to 5- Feb -1932 Metal

5- Feb -1943 to 24- Jan -1944 Water

24- Jan -1955 to 11- Feb -1956 Wood

9- Feb -1967 to 29- Jan -1968 Fire

28- Jan -1979 to 15- Feb -1980 Earth

15- Feb -1991 to 3- Feb -1992 Metal

01- Feb- 2003 to 21- Jan 2004 Water

19- Feb 2015 to 7 – Feb 2016 Wood

To complete your cosmic profile it is necessary to know the influence of the Five Elements on your life. Check in the table above the element to which you belong. The time of birth also has great influence on the character of the person. It is generally considered that those born during the wei hour (from 1 to 3 pm) acquire some qualities of the sheep, and tend to be more sentimental than those born at other times.

People born under the sign of the Sheep tend to be kind, generous and compassionate. Their qualities make them lovable by the people who live near them, whether they are friends, colleagues or family. Shy, they need a lot of time to become intimate with people; in the face of adversity, they can be overly pessimistic. A bit fearful of novelties, they like to spend their days in calm. For this reason, they rarely achieve success in their professional life, which is usually compensated by fullness in their sentimental life.

They live in harmony with: Horse, Snake, Dragon.

Conflicts arise with: Rat, ox, dog.

Image: Goat and Sheep- Zhao Mengfu

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