Newest art on exhibition in Kunming

Newest art on exhibition in Kunming.

Heading Imagen Towards life / Zhang Ziheng 张子恒 向往生活

Last June 6 (of 2023) was presented at the Caiyunli Gallery in Kunming (Yunnan province) an exhibition of the most recent art produced in this city. In fact, it was a group exhibition with several dozens of works, of different styles, sizes and qualities, by some of the students who have finished their fine arts studies in this city this year.

A review of the proposals presented by these new painters allows us not only to enjoy works that on other occasions are hidden from the gaze of the general public, but also to perceive the most important movements and influences in the development of their careers, and even, for some advanced critics, to discover in their emerging talents the promise of future masters.

For an amateur, like the one who writes this chronicle, more than the undoubted artistic value of some of the works, which they undoubtedly have, it has been a very rewarding experience to try to discover the ways in which some of these artists face a future full of challenges. In their works, as expected, there are more questions than certainties, and from the different visions of reality, a complexity is shown in which each one seeks to find his own way. In this way, both one of the paintings that opens the exhibition, Wang Huaili’s chorus, and Yan Lingjie’s works are revealing, in which the gears of modern life, in an unmistakable nod to Chaplin’s Modern Times, seem to lock us into a continuous movement in which the will of the individual is unimportant.

The looks of the portraits exhibited by Zhang Jing, bet on taking us to his intimate universe, the young works of Zhang Ziheng seem to bet on this transition to adulthood, while the large frescoes of Zhang Ziheng and Yang Liming stand out for the composition of their figures and the dynamic character of their scenes. The expression, in all of them, is powerful, and worthy of consideration for the future.

Still conscious of the temporality of these events, I take the opportunity to share with the readers of this website some of the freshest ideas of the most recent art in China.

王怀礼 、大合照 、 Wang Huaili – Chorus 200×150 cm

严凌洁 时间缝隙 Yan Lingjie /Crevice in time

张景 蝶 Zhang Jing / Butterfly

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